Patagonia in South America

Beautiful nature scenes, intriguing archaeology, exciting culinary and wine experiences, and thrilling carnival celebrations bring people from all over the world to destinations in South America.

For the ultimate party, head to Rio de Janeiro in February for the authentic weeklong carnival to witness dancing in the streets and a true celebration of Brazilian culture.

For gastronomy or wine connoisseurs, try Argentinian wine, Peruvian ceviche, or a Brazilian churrascaria where the waiters bring skewers of meat to your table and cut slices right onto your plate. Luxe Travel personally screens restaurants in Rio to make sure our clients only get the best culinary experiences.

Machu Picchu in Peru

Explore history’s mysteries, such as the wondrous Nazca lines, desert drawings with unknown origins, or Machu Picchu, an Incan ceremonial center and one of the wonders of the world. See one of the world’s most famous landmarks: the Corcovado, or Christ the Redeemer statue – a 125-foot art deco figure of Christ. Then check out the bizarre layout of Easter Island with its odd statues, the 887 huge 84-ton Easter Island heads of mysterious origin and unknown purpose. Allow Luxe Travel to set up private tours of the most mysterious South American landmarks with insider assistance from the most informed local tour guides.

Igauzu Falls in Argentina & Brazil

Experience the excitement of nature with a tour of the Amazon River in Brazil, Manu Park in Bolivia, or the brilliant Iguazu Falls in Argentina, comprised of over 275 individual waterfalls. Check out Angel Falls in Venezuela, the world’s tallest waterfall at almost 3,000 feet, or explore the Patagonia region, accessible from either Argentina or Chile, with its Perito Moreno Glacier and a plateau on the Andes mountain range.

For a more adventurous experience with nature, explore the rainforests with an eco-tour. Hike through the jungle, visit the Amazon basin, and catch glimpses of exotic wildlife native only to South America, a special treat for horticulturists. Try your hand a rafting, kayaking or canoeing in the rivers of the rainforest for an extreme sporting experience you’ll never forget.

Exciting nightlife awaits in the home of Samba: Rio. Take a Samba lesson, listen to authentic Cumbia, watch an Argentinian folk band, or join a drum demonstration. Or experience local culture on the beautiful white sands beaches – remember: on South American beaches, less is more, so expect to see a lot of skin.

Because most of South America falls below the equator, their seasons are opposite of the United States’ seasons. Therefore, if you’re looking for summer activities, go between December and January, but if you’re looking for skiing or other winter sports, go during the U.S. summer months. South American summers can get pretty hot, so it might be easier to go during their more temperate winters. School holidays are the busiest travel times in South America, so if you’re looking to avoid crowds, stay away during these times.

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