Olympic Games

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London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Athletes around the world share the dream of competing in the Olympic Games. They train for years, often enduring struggles and hardships along the way, in the hope of someday competing for Olympic gold. Those who make it to the Olympic stage are viewed as heroes of a sort, proudly representing their countries while demonstrating mind-boggling athletic ability. While the athletes are the main focus of the Olympic games, there are others who share the desire to be a part of this incredible event…the spectators.

Those who have had the privilege of attending an Olympic event are likely to describe the experience as joyous, magical, patriotic and unique. They might also mention how challenging it can be to obtain tickets to these events. So many people never get to experience the thrill of sitting right in the middle of the action, feeling the almost tangible excitement surging through the energetic crowds as they cheer for their favorite competitors. They miss out on a distinctive trip-of-a-lifetime because they were unable to secure these highly sought after tickets. Even those who manage to get tickets often find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the planning process. Where should they stay? What type of accommodations would be best? How do they arrange for transportation? What local activities can they enjoy during their trip?

Fortunately, Luxe Travel’s industry connections and insider access services enable them to provide clients with unforgettable custom-tailored trips. No hassle, no stress, no problem. Luxe Travel will put you right in the middle of the Olympic action, securing top-notch seating from where you can witness the world’s greatest athletes compete for gold and glory. They will arrange the perfect accommodations, transportation and so much more.

Luxe Travel recently arranged for Tom and Kathy Marks to experience a one-of-a-kind trip to the 2012 London Olympic Games.

“The trip was fantastic, everything was great and top-notch. The seats to the events were all terrific, and Kathy and I supplemented the trip with a private guide who was a history professor I hired. …We spent the best part of a day at Hampton Court. All-in-all – Grade A.”
Tom Marks, Principal at TMA+PERITUS

Imagine what Luxe Travel could arrange for you!

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