Luxury Yacht Cruises

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Imagine traveling to exclusive, exotic, mythical destinations and secret ports aboard a majestic luxury yacht. Delight in dining on elegant French-inspired cuisine in a sophisticated and intimate environment with attentive yet discreet service. Relax in stylish staterooms and suites, with soothing natural décor and superior materials. Rejuvenate between the sea and the sky with an indulgent and tranquil spa treatment adapted to your needs. All this and more is available when your Luxe Travel advisor reserves your passage on board the Compagnie de Ponant Luxury Yacht Cruise.

Compagnie du Ponant Yacht Cruises take you to destinations the larger cruise lines cannot reach. See penguins alongside icy blue mountains in Antarctica, explore fire, land and ocean in Eastern Russia, discover the secrets of ancient traditions in Asia or encounter early history along the rugged Mediterranean coastline. A yacht cruise takes you on an authentic voyage to dream locations, getting up close and personal thanks to the small size and technical capabilities of the ships. Places like Madagascar, Greenland, and the Maldives are just a small sample of what awaits you.

When onboard the Compagnie du Ponant ships, enjoy elegantly appointed and spacious rooms where king size is the standard. Chic yet simple, innovative and personal design adorns the yachts. At most, the yachts only have 132 rooms, so you will never feel lost in the crowd as you would on a large cruise ship. Further enhancing your experience, select rooms offer exclusive butler service, tailor made to your needs and desires. “On board, the crew is very attentive and gets to know each passenger and anticipate their desires, in order to make their cruise a moment of total relaxation.”

At Compagnie du Ponant, their motto is, “Experience cruising another way.” Speak to the Luxe Travel team about the privileges of cruising on a yacht today.