Luxe Travel’s Ultimate Guide to Traveling in 2013

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Luxe Travel Guide

Are you ready to travel but just don’t know when to go? Or where? Our Luxe Travel Guide for 2013 will tell you the best destinations to visit and when to go.


Luxe Travel Guide

Cruising is a great option throughout the year depending on the destination you are traveling. The Caribbean and Mexico are warm weather getaways year round. Value season is an ideal time to visit, as there are typically fewer crowds. For cruiselines this means right after the holidays when children and families return to school and during the hurricane season, typically September and October. Don’t let booking during hurricane season deter you. The chances a storm will intersect your path is not high. Purchase travel insurance for your protection and rest assured, the captain will avoid any pending danger.  For Alaskan cruises, May is your best month and cruise the Mediterranean in the summer. If you’re cruising the Southern Hemisphere in locations such as Australia or the South Pacific, remember the seasons are reversed. Therefore our winter months mean warmer weather and thereby a perfect time to escape south of the equator. Unique destinations such as Antarctica have a brief travel window from the end of November until about the second week of January.

Mexico and the Caribbean Islands

If you’re dreaming of an island escape, the winter months are the best time to go. When the winter doldrums set in and you need a break to avoid cabin fever, the warm tropical waters of the Caribbean and Mexico call. Temperatures are warm without being stifling hot or humid. By November, the chances of hurricanes have diminished. Travel before March and you’ll avoid many of the spring break crowd.

Australia, South Pacific and Hawaii

As with Mexico and the Caribbean, the same holds true for the Southern Hemisphere; travel in the winter. Australia and the South Pacific’s winter is actually their warm season due to the reversed seasons south of the equator. Thinking of spending the holidays with palm trees swaying in the warm breeze, then a Hawaiian island haven is the place to be. And what better way to explore Australia in their warmer months as there is plenty to discover.


The diversity of Europe’s countries offer something for anyone any time of year. For beaches from Spain to Greece, visit in the summer. For a cultural vacation to France or Germany, both Spring and Autumn offer mild temperature for on foot explorations. Winter months are colder and perfect for a ski vacation to the Alps or the winter wonderlands in the Scandinavian countries.

Asia and India

Asian countries also vary in climate similar to the US. The further south you go to countries such as Thailand, you’ll experience warmer temperatures more of the year, making it another winter escape. The best time to visit India is between November and May, before the monsoon season begins.


If you’re thinking of an African Safari for your 2013 travels, consider what you want to see while on safari. Migration patterns vary among species. Don’t miss out on the elephants because you’re in Tanzania and they are in Zimbabwe. Build your itinerary around your wish list and let a Luxe Travel Advisor know what is a must see on your African Adventure.


Are you ready to create long-lasting memories with your loved ones in some of the world’s most beautiful and unique destinations?  Tell us what tops your bucket list!  Whatever your heart’s desire for your 2013 travels, a Luxe Travel Advisor can advise you along the way for the best destinations during the best time of year. Contact the Luxe Travel team at 1-866-365-8747 or