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Stay for 6-7 days and earn $500 in credits, 8-21 days earns you $1,000, and 22 days or more rewards you with $1,500 to spend wherever you like onboard.


Enjoy an adventure to Asia and save money as soon as you book your cruise with a Luxe Travel Advisor. Silversea offers you roundtrip flights, with an upgrade to business class on certain airlines pending availability. Get pampered in the air and then on the water! You even receive complementary transfers from airport to airport and from pier to pier. Earn $1,000 in on board credit per suite when you board the Silver Shadow.
Get rewarded with more onboard credit the longer you book your cruise. Stay for 6-7 days and earn $500 in credits, 8-21 days earns you $1,000, and 22 days or more rewards you with $1,500 to spend wherever you like onboard.

Silversea Cruise to Asia

The Silver Shadow will transport you in style to many of the popular locations in Asia from ancient temples to high tech modern marvels. While between locations, enjoy the luxury and serenity of Silversea’s magnificent ship. Comfortable, spacious rooms with ocean views and butler service make your voyage pleasant 24/7. Treat yourself to any of the onboard restaurants or leisure activities while you wait for your cruise ship to dock at its next location.

Indonesian Islands

The Indonesian Islands offer unique and exciting experiences for the travel enthusiast. Krakatau is a great place to get close enough to a volcano that the tour guide warns you of the risk of melting your boots. If this is a risk you are not quite willing to take, try snorkeling in the nearby awe-inspiring coral reef. Of course, one of the most obvious things to do when you visit a slew of islands is to test out the beaches! Although many of the Indonesian Islands have beaches to offer, Luxe Travel recommends a visit to Bali. This island offers beautiful beaches with amazing views of the ocean and the surrounding islands. Indonesia teaches many lessons in history and culture. Buddhist statues and images are scattered throughout the islands telling the cultural and religious beliefs of ancient gods and battles. The wildlife of Indonesia is unlike anything you have ever seen, particularly on the islands of Kalimantan and Sumatra. Journey through jungles, across rivers and around waterfalls either on foot, or for a unique experience, on the back of an elephant. Catch a glimpse of tropical wildlife from the rituals of orangutans in their natural habitat, to the Rafflesia Arnoldii, the largest flower in the world.


Visit the stunning, mountainous Vietnam, and learn about the fascinating culture on one of the many educational excursions that these islands have to offer. Learn kite making in Hue, tour with a native fisherman in Hoi An, and visit the many rice paddies in Sapa. Vietnam is well known for its food with strong flavors, and exquisite freshness. Serving up platters beyond your dreams, the Vietnamese chefs not only make these dishes appetizing, they will teach you how they do it. Take some time to reflect and pay your respects to those who fought the Vietnam War by visiting the War Remnants Museum. As a result of the war, the Vietnamese have found a way to intertwine both ancient and modern beliefs into their way of life. The Vietnamese natives are among some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Even though their country has been through its fair share of misfortunes, they are proud to share their culture with newcomers.

Shanghai and Hong Kong, China

From the Great Wall of China, to the ancient structures of the Forbidden City and immense skyscrapers of Shanghai, China surprises await you around every corner. Get a taste for the delicacies of Hong Kong, and see where American Chinese Food compares. China presents you with astonishing views from mountains and huge open fields, to remarkable engineering and bustling marketplaces and cities.


Singapore’s immaculate modern city will impress you with its mix of diverse citizens and customs. To view all that Singapore has to offer, take a ride on the Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel, the largest in the world. On clear days, see as far as Malaysia and Indonesia. The Hawker’s Center offers a clean place to sample a variety of authentic food from a collection of vendors. The Center is a delicious and fun way to enjoy a meal and soak up the atmosphere.


Tokyo, Japan is well known for its high-energy city life and neon lights flashing from numerous skyscrapers. In the city, experience some of the local cuisine. Serving delectable sushi to prime cut steaks, paired with a Sapporo beer or hot sake, Tokyo’s finest dining establishments supply a genuine experience. Treasure true Japanese culture while staying in a Ryokan Inn; these buildings have classic Japanese architecture and offer authentic hospitality and experiences. Bullet trains are the fastest way to get from “A” to “B.” Take one out of the city to visit the ancient temples and shrines and pay your respects to their great deities.


Bangkok, Thailand is another one of those places full of life and excitement. It is home to some of the most picturesque beaches in Thailand. Many of the islands remain untouched and undeveloped, so the view is absolutely breathtaking and natural. Relax on sandy, white beaches with views of limestone casts bursting out of perfectly clear water. After enjoying the beaches, complete your day by satisfying your appetite. Thai food has extraordinary flavors, from spicy to savory, and from common foods to exotic delicacies. The Thai people are a relaxed culture welcoming to visitors. “Mai pen rai,” meaning “it’s all right” is their life motto, and their hospitality and warmth shows this throughout every region in Thailand. Along with the sparkling personalities of the citizens, the wonderful national parks protect the sanctity of the many wild beasts residing on the islands.

With many excursion locations to choose from, you are sure to get the travel experience you were hoping for with Silversea. Start with luxurious business class air travel, and continue on the elegant Silver Shadow for a spectacular ocean-going experience, then top it all off with friendliness and hospitality from every location you are scheduled to visit. The experts at Luxe Travel will be happy to assist you with your adventure to Asia aboard the Silver Shadow from Silversea Cruise Line. Contact the Luxe Travel team at 1-866-365-8747 or