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“One of the best kept secrets in business is the ROI on incentive travel.”

-CEO and Luxe Travel Incentive VIP

Overview – Why Incentive Travel

One of our favorite CEOs recently decided to give top executives individual incentive travel awards in lieu of traditional cash bonuses. While employees often cannot remember the exact amount of their cash bonuses or how they spent them, a corporate incentive travel awards provides employees the opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime! For a quarter of the amount typically set aside for monetary bonuses, this CEO created a program that resulted in lifetime appreciation from both the employee and spouse.

Every business owner knows that a business cannot succeed without customers and employees. Incentive travel programs have been shown to yield a return of over four dollars for every one dollar spent, according to a survey conducted by Oxford Economics. Travel incentives are proven to be more effective than other rewards systems, including cash bonuses and merchandise rewards. Create lifelong memories for your employees and customers by providing luxury vacation travel experiences they otherwise would never provide for themselves. Use these experiences to reward incredible employee dedication and performance and to promote customer loyalty.

Our expert corporate incentive travel planners are experienced in developing and implementing travel programs for incentive travel groups. We currently manage travel programs for a variety of industries from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. No matter the group size, our consultants will manage every detail to ensure your trip is perfect.

Incentive Travel Benefits

What are the benefits of using Luxe Travel to establish your incentive travel program?

Time Savings: We work to turn your preferences and ideas into travel plans, allowing you to sit back and reap the benefits.
Gained access to over 30 years of incentive travel experience: We know what destinations and travel packages result in the best return on your investment.
Our connections become your advantages: Our years of experience, in addition to our relationship with Virtuoso’s luxury travel network, enable our clients to receive complimentary value-adding amenities with over 900 luxury hotels, resorts and cruises.
No Stress and No Hassle: We understand what it takes to effectively manage incentive travel programs. Our experience, professional relationships, and attention to detail enable us to handle every aspect of the planning process. We handle everything, including creating informational flyers, arranging meeting spaces and catering, booking team-building tours and excursions, finalizing meeting itineraries, planning motivational awards ceremonies and confirming hotel and airfare arrangements.
Full Control: For corporate meeting planners, our secure registration management tools enable full control of the registration process without the headaches.

Our online travel program registration package offers the following:

  • Customized attendee registration forms for your event
  • E-mail confirmations sent to customizable participant lists
  • Financial management services
  • Registrant information collection and customized reporting

By rewarding exceptional performance with an incentive travel program, you stand to enjoy a more motivated staff, improved employee communication and an increase in morale. Luxe Travel will help you provide your employees with a planned trip that will result in increased job satisfaction and motivate employees to continue providing high-quality work for your business.

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