Buenos Aires

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Recoleta Tower in Buenos Aires

When you mix together a city that is an architectural gem with the sophisticated locals, gourmet dining, shopping galore, a tango-filled nightlife with top-notch theater and entertainment, you get Buenos Aires. The capital of Argentina is one of the most beloved cities in the world. It certainly is the most visited city in South America. With the influence of European culture, it is often referred to as the Paris of South America.

Even if you speak Spanish, you may have trouble understanding the Spanish in Buenos Aires, as it is pronounced differently than other Latin countries. The difference in pronunciation reflects the influence of Italian traders over the centuries, as you will hear many Italian words in their vocabulary. Rest assured, you will quickly pick up the differences.

Buenos Aires is as diverse as its neighborhoods. In Recoleta, you can visit the gravesite of Eva Peron at the Recoleta Cemetery. After, stroll over to Alvear Avenue for exclusive haute couture, and French architecture. The luxurious Alvear Palace hotel is here, making it a central place to continue your visit of the city. A number of museums such as the Centro Cultural Recoleta and National Fine Arts Museum are only steps away. The San Telmo neighborhood is one of the oldest in Buenos Aries and perfect for antiquities shopping. The modern Puerto Madero area is home to the city’s skyscrapers and fine dining.

Buenos Aires is famous for its parks and like every great capital, it has an abundance of them.  The Botanical Garden, named a national monument in 1996 and the oldest in South America, has gardens with more than 5,500 species of plants, shrubs, and trees, from India and China to Hawaii. Other grand parks are Parque Tres de Febrero, one of the city’s largest, home to a rose garden and paddleboat lake. The Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens is the largest Japanese garden in the world, outside of Japan. Plaza de Mayo’s famous square has historical buildings on all sides and is worth a visit. The Casa Rosada, or Pink House, is here and is the executive mansion of the President of Argentina. The Metropolitan Cathedral, City Hall, and the Cabildo highlight the many varied European influences on Buenos Aires’ architecture.

Tango is the national dance of Argentina, and what better place to practice the Argentine Tango than in Buenos Aires. Authentic Tango shows can be found throughout the city in places such as the Confiteria Idéal Suipacha 384, La Boca and on Calle Florida. Better yet, why not ask a Luxe Travel Advisor how you can get private lessons from the country’s best tango dancers. Mayoral, and partner Elsa Marie are tony award winning dancers teaching tango lessons in the beautiful Petit Palais. The annual Tango Festival is a two week celebration of the music and culture, taking place in August each year.

As for dining, there are restaurants galore. Parrillas, steak houses, are on every corner and have extensive menus with cuts of beef you’ve never heard of. You must try La Brigada in San Telmo. Or dine at Sipan, a Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant. When you see how popular pizza is in Buenos Aires, you’ll remember how many Italians immigrated to the country. You won’t want to miss the Italian ice cream shops and stands. This is the real thing, rich Italian ice cream in all kinds of flavors. Argentine wine industry is a world leader and there are some fantastic wine tasting bars around the city.

So eat to your heart’s content at a steakhouse, take in the elaborate parks and architecture, or learn to dance the fiery tango! Whatever pastime you choose, Buenos Aires is an exotic city, intoxicating, foreign and yet oh so familiar, truly an authentic urban adventure. Buenos Aires has a subtropical climate, with humid summers and mild winters. The best time to visit is in Argentina’s winter months from April to June. To begin your Buenos Aires luxury vacation adventure, contact the Luxe Travel team at 1-866-365-8747 or concierge@luxetravel.com.