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London, England Great Britain

The United Kingdom of Great Britain, more commonly known as the UK or Britain, consists of the island of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and many territories and islands in the Caribbean and South Pacific.

The Isle of Great Britain consists of the countries England, Scotland & Wales. This large island in Western Europe includes majestic highlands, lochs, historic castles and ruins, and more history of Western civilization that still influences us today.

England is home to the Beatles and Shakespeare, royalty and ruins. This country mixes modern architectural feats such as the London Eye, right along side monuments full of bloody history such as the Tower of London. Explore and decode the Stonehenge ruins, said to be over 5000 years old. Visit Shakespeare’s birthplace and see his plays performed live. Take a trip down memory lane and cross Abbey Road, the site of a famous Beatles album. Get a private tour of majestic castles or see where Harry Potter goes to school. London has enough attractions and history that you can spend your entire vacation taking everything in here. Or plan for a few day trips to Salisbury and Stonehenge, to enjoy the English countryside.

Scotland, Great Britain

Scotland, on the other hand, is a nature lover’s paradise surrounded by rich history. Try a journey by train in primo luxury aboard the Orient Express to see the glens, lochs, beaches, and mountains as you dine on extraordinary fare. The sport of choice here is golf, and the countryside is filled with courses for every skill level. Both Edinburgh and Glasgow offer a wealth of history, castles, and culture to take in. Be sure to take a tour of a Scottish Whiskey distillery while in town and see what makes Scotch different and distinctive from the rest. Edinburgh and Glasgow are good starting points to reach the Scottish Highlands, where you take in the natural beauty of rolling rivers and abundant lakes. Enjoy the views hiking along the green-carpeted hills and rugged mountain peaks. The Scottish Highlands are also full of rich history, bloody battles, and hilltop castles. Scotland has its share of old world legends and fairytales, none more famous than the Loch Ness Monster of the Highlands.

Wales, Great Britain

Wales, to the west of England, is home to many scenic mountains and national parks. Cardiff, the capital city, is the most populated and has its own share of castles and culture without as many of the tourists. Cardiff Castle is one of many castles open for tours in Wales as well. Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is a great place to enjoy the natural limestone cliffs over the stunning beaches. A trip to Wales is perfect to enjoy nature mixed with culture, without the crowds.

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