Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, Europe

Culture, history, and incredible diversity bring travelers from all over the world to European destinations. With so many landmarks and such vastly differing cultures, Europe is a hotspot travel destination atop many a travel bucket list.

Europe contains many historic battle sites, from World War II memorials to Roman ruins. Some sites serve as memories of humanity’s worst mistakes, such as Auschwitz, while others demonstrate the richness of royalty, such as Buckingham Palace. Luxe Travel can get you exclusive access to normally closed-off attractions all over Europe.

Manmade structures draw attention, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Big Ben in London, as well as natural attractions, such as the Bernese Highlands of Interlaken in Switzerland or the Rhine River and Cliffs of Lorelei in southern Germany near the Swiss border.

Europe Venice, Italy

Unique architectural structures are aplenty in Europe, including the canals of Venice and the Acropolis in Athens. The Roman Coliseum still stands as well, although gladiator fights have been forbidden since 407 CE. Ask about Luxe Travel’s private access to a variety of historic European attractions.

Incredible history and culture still thrive in such locations as Vatican City, the center of Catholicism and the only remaining Papal state in existence. To see an impressive collection of historical relics all in one location, visit numerous museums of history and art; the Louvre in France displays nearly 35,000 historic objects from the 6th millennium BC through the 19th century – yes, this is the same museum showcased in the blockbuster film, The DaVinci Code.

Unlock the mysteries of Europe – try to spot the Loch Ness Monster in the Scottish Highlands, or visit Stonehenge in England and ponder its origins as you stroll about the 2000-hectare World Heritage Site. Or check out the French Gothic sculptures, 13th century stained glass windows, and amazing architecture of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to see if you can catch a glimpse of the legendary hunchback of Notre Dame.

As the starting point and influence for much of the world’s music, Europe offers several music-related cultural experiences, from the Beethoven Festival to the Vienna Imperial Ball, as well as numerous operas, including summer opera festivals in Salzburg and Munich. Luxe Travel can secure tickets to the most popular events in Europe, so you don’t have to deal with the frustration of ticket brokers and long lines.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Culinary experiences are abundant in Europe. Join a cooking class with a real Italian chef. Tour a winery in France to see how authentic champagne is made. Experience hundreds of different olive oils, and take home your favorites. Stroll through an Irish brewery and sample several Irish beers. Visit a local market in Tuscany, and prepare a meal with the freshest Tuscan ingredients. Visit a German dairy farm and taste freshly made cheeses. Learn the art of slow, multiple-plate dining at a Swedish smorgasbord. Travel through Edinburgh to sample genuine Scottish malt whiskey and homemade marmalade. Let us set up your private classes and excursions so you can have exclusive access to the best Europe has to offer.

Contemporary nightlife is plentiful in Europe, from the youthful clubs in Germany to the endless pubs of Ireland. Amsterdam and Paris offer a variety of venues for entertainment, but be sure to leave the kids at home. Moscow and Madrid have several dance clubs, and Brussels and Milan are always sure to have an active nightlife.

Rain falls most in Europe between May and August, and winter months can get pretty cold, especially in the Scandinavian region with their long winter nights. Spring and fall, therefore, are the best times to visit Europe, unless you’re looking for snow activities, and summers are great for hitting the beaches.
No matter the season or interest, Europe’s diversity offers something for everyone. Call 1-866-365-8747 for more information on setting up your own tour of the region that has it all.

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