Our neighbors to the north offer spectacular vacation opportunities without the need to cross an ocean. Outdoor activities are abundant in Canada, and in most areas, you won’t even have to learn a different language.


Visit one of the many lakes in Canada, especially Saskatchewan, for the best lake fishing in the world. Rent a cabin or pitch a tent in nearly any season, and try your hand at catching over 60 species of fish. Once you’ve dined on your catch, go hiking on a variety of trails to experience the beauty of untouched Canadian wilderness, including thousands of wild Canadian geese, white-tailed deer, bears and moose.

Luxe Travel gets you special benefits at a variety of luxury Canadian properties – fishermen will enjoy the complimentary two-hour Eco Adventure available at the Sonora Resort in Richmond where guests board the Polaris Vessel for a water bound adventure with a knowledgeable local guide.

Winter activity lovers flock to Canada, especially in Manitoba, for the best in skiing and snowboarding, as well as viewing the Northern lights or joining a polar bear expedition. Skiing is available year-round at the world-class ski resorts in Whistler, British Columbia. In Newfoundland, you can visit an iceberg, and birdwatchers can get their fill with over 350 species of birds.

Not everywhere in Canada is cold. Victoria is the warmest area in Canada, and outdoor activities are available during every season.

Canada side of Niagra Falls

In Ontario, visitors gaze upon the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, and over 80 vineyards are available for touring with a variety of Canadian-made reds, whites and blushes – Luxe Travel can arrange for private touring of Canada’s top vineyards.

Canada is a unique combination of English and French cultures, resulting in two official national languages. Visit Quebec to discover the interesting history of the French settlers, and experience European culture without ever leaving North America. France isn’t the only influential culture in Canada – in Nova Scotia, you can experience Scottish culture, and in New Brunswick, you can see how the British live.

Quebec, Canada

For exciting nightlife, visit the bustling cities of Vancouver, Toronto, Ontario or Montreal for fabulous restaurants, top-notch shopping, and fun sightseeing experiences. Be sure to try their local specialties, including poutine (fries with gravy and cheese), Canadian beer, Tim Horton doughnuts, or beaver tail (fried dough with cinnamon and sugar).

In Alberta, visitors enjoy the Rocky Mountains, but the main attraction is the Calgary Stampede. Shoppers love the Edmonton Mall – North America’s largest shopping mall.

Canada is world-renowned for friendliness to a fault. Whether you’re traveling solo or with the kids, you’re sure to find a friendly welcome in nearly any Canadian destination.

Contrary to popular belief, Canada does have seasons, and not all of them are filled with snow. While the northern parts do tend to be colder, the southern regions experience seasons very similar to the rest of the United States. The west coast has moderate temperatures year round, and in the Rockies, it tends to stay cold and snowy most of the time, especially in the higher altitudes. Calgary doesn’t tend to get snow, but Banff and Canmore get a few feet in the spring. In the south, summers are as hot and humid as they are in the U.S., and rain slows in the fall to bring the changing colors of leaves to beautiful autumn reds and oranges.

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