Australian Koala Bear

The only island continent, Australia offers a wide range of activities from city stays, the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, to untamed wilderness of the Red Desert.


Melbourne, located in the South, is an ideal city to discover on foot. The Arcades and Alleyways lead travelers through areas of local street art, outdoor cafes where one can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, boutique shops, and to the waterfront where there are many options for nightlife. Melbourne is also known for its many culinary treasures. Foodies will enjoy the sommelier tour sampling some of the most creative wine and food pairings. For those who love the roar of a crowd, book tickets to one of the rugby matches or Aussie Rules Futball.

Sydney Opera House Australia

Sydney is perhaps one of the most iconic cities in the world due to the unique architecture of Opera House. For a once in lifetime experience, book the Harbor Bridge climb. Fearless travelers are tethered to the bridge and climb to the top for a breathtaking view of the harbor. For guests who prefer to have their feet planted on the ground, Luxe Travel recommends a walking tour of the Rocks area. Home to Sydney’s oldest pub, boutique shops, and unique restaurants where travelers can try local favorites. Other attractions include world-class surfing at nearby Bondi Beach and a behind the scenes tour of Taranga Zoo where children of all ages can get up close to Australia’s favorites, the Kangaroo and Koala Bear. Luxe Travel offer insider perks at many of the Aussie hotels – we have access to a variety of value-added amenities at numerous luxury properties in Sydney and other Australian hotspots.

Great Barrier Reef

For those who prefer water to land, the Great Barrier Reef offers the best in water adventures. The world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms can be seen from outer space. Enjoy the natural wonder on a Deep sea fishing excursion, diving one of the ship wrecks, and snorkeling along the abundant reef. Bring your underwater camera when you dive in case you catch sight of a dolphin, whale or sea turtle. Luxe Travel can arrange private diving tours with a guide – just let us know your preferences, and leave the arrangements to us!

Ayers Rock in Australia

The Red Desert

The Red Desert is home to Katu Jutu, the Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock. A sacred place to the Aboriginal people, travelers can book a guided walk around Katu Jutu enjoying the mythical stories of how the ancient site received its markings. For a truly aw-inspiring experience, grab a coffee and bundle up before you head out to watch the sun rise over the Red Dessert. The beautiful hues come alive when the sun reaches for the sky.

For a glimpse of authentic Aussie wildlife, visit Tasmania, Australia’s largest island, with a variety of terrains and abundant wildlife – yes, even the Tasmanian devil. Nature lovers are welcome to hike, raft, camp, or just dine al fresco while sampling the best local wines.

Australian seasons run opposite to those in the U.S. – when we have winter, they have summer, and vice versa – so Australia makes the perfect seasonal escape. Call 1-866-365-8747 for more information on visiting the country that’s also a continent.

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