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A Few of Our Favorite Travel Gifts


Everywhere you look, the holidays are fast approaching.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the traveler who has everything, or find your next must have item for your upcoming trip, here are our choices for the top 5 Travel Gifts for the holiday season.

Roll-Up Travel Charger - Taupe The more connected we are, the more we need to charge. We love this roll up travel charger, allowing you to charge 4 devices at once, all neatly rolled up in a convenient little package. Find it at Restoration Hardware.
Best Travel Gifts Under $50: Better Than Fiction: True Travel Tales Lonely Planet, the leaders in travel guides for over 40 years, have compiled this beautiful collection of true travel tales from great fiction writers such as Peter Matthiessen, Alexander McCall Smith, Joyce Carol Oates to name only a few. Get hardcover or digital copies available on Kindle and Nook.
Best New Travel Gadgets for 2014: Mophie Space Pack Call it a case, extra battery and more storage all in one, the Mophie Space Pack does all of that for your iPhone 5s. Mophie also carries Juice Packs for Samsung Galaxy phones as well as a host of portable batteries. Extend the life of your phone or other electronics when you’re on the go.
A Pair of Custom Leather Luggage Tags Stop filling out luggage tags with your address and instead strap on these exquisite custom stamped leather luggage tags that will only get more beautiful with age. Stainless steel cables and grommets will ensure the tags stay put on your luggage. Four color variations are available as well as a selection of adorable add-on tags and keychains.
 Men's Leather Touch... Colder weather travelers will love the ability to manage their technology with these stylish leather touch sensitive gloves. The tactile conductive fingertips allow you to use smartphones, tablets and even ATM keypads, yet still keeping you warm with thinsulate lining. Gloves come in Men’s & Women’s styles.

For more travel gift ideas, read last years Must Have Travel Gadgets for every type of Traveler.

The ultimate gift for your intrepid traveler, is the gift of travel of course! Why not give your loved ones memories that last a lifetime and start planning your next vacation together. Need some ideas? Contact me at 1-866-365-8747 and we can begin planning your next vacation.

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