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Beer Travel: What No One is Talking About

Beer_Travel Beer Festival

There’s hundreds of articles about wine travel, where to stay, who to tour, private tastings and the like. We even wrote a Myth Busting article about wine travel recently. What no one seems to talk about is Beer Travel. With microbreweries and craft beers gaining a strong following across the US, distinguished travelers are looking to expand their beer borders by traveling to discover the rich lagers and fruity ales. While Oktoberfest remains the pinnacle of a beer drinkers festival, there are a number of places worldwide to discover the best brews.

Fall is ripe for Beer festivals across the world. To mix and mingle with like-minded enthusiasts, check out some of these offerings. Can’t make it this year? Be sure to plan ahead for 2015.

  • Great American Beer Festival – Billed as the premier US beer festival and competition, the Denver festival takes place every year the first weekend in October, since 1982. Nearly every state, 700 breweries and more than 145 styles of beer are present. Denver’s Ritz Carlton even offers brew infused spa treatments.
  • Walt Disney World’s Food and Wine Festival – Don’t be fooled by the name; this delectable event in Epcot’s World Showcase pavilion features food, wine and brews from over 20 countries and 3 pavilions dedicated just to beer. Take a look at the menu offerings here.
  • Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss the pinnacle of all beer festivals, Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Oktoberfest is a grand spectacle of beer, that while might be fun for some, can be noisy, crowded and chaotic. Skip the crowds and visit the Bavarian countryside just after Oktoberfest. Or opt for a private tour of the centuries old breweries.
  • While this event happens before fall in mid-July, the Bacon & Barrels Festival in the Santa Ynez Valley, California brings in 40 of the area’s breweries, distilleries and wineries and pairs them with small bacon or pork flavored bites.

Outside of the fall festival circuit, great beers are found in Belgium. Take a guided beer excursion with an on-site tour operator. Explore Belgium’s rich brewing traditions with classics such as gueuze, kriek and Trappist, with a stop at the Gueuze Museum.

Want something different to float your boat? AmaWaterways is offering its first Beer Cruise in 2015. Sailing through the Dutch and Belgian regions, the beer cruise will feature beer tastings, tours of renowned breweries, and lectures and discussions about beer. Enjoy spring flowers from the Keukenhof Gardens, Belgian chocolates and Dutch cheese making this cruise a true feast for the senses.

Take your beer tastes to the Orient, and try on some Asian influenced beer. Look for Asian signature beers such as Tiger Beer in Singapore, Hitachino Nest Japanese Classic Ale, Singha Beer in Thailand or Ise Kadoya Genmai Ale in Japan, made with Brown Rice. During a custom 14 day tour of Bhutan, stop in to visit the Red Panda brewery to taste the nation’s beer. Finally, how about drinking a beer in a building shaped like a beer glass? Why not raise a toast at the Asahi Beer Hall in Tokyo.

At one time, if you mentioned you were traveling to discover beer, you might have been regarded as a college frat boy. However, beer lovers know that a fine beer is much like a fine wine. There are variations in color, brewing and taste that provide endless varieties. And just as there are endless varieties of beer, so are there worldwide destinations and festivals celebrating it.


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