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5 Myths about Wine Travel: Uncorked

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You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur or even a wine snob to enjoy all the benefits and delightful surprises in wine travel. However, wine lovers and even casual consumers may not be aware of the variety not just in the wine but Wine Travel. We take five Myths about Wine Travel and uncork the truth.

Wine Travel is only for people who like wine

While yes, enjoying wine is a bonus, traveling with a companion who loves a fine wine doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy yourself. Gourmet farm-to-table selections of food often accompany wine tours. Otherwise, the wineries offer cooking classes to combine our love of food and travel. Not to mention, the scenery surrounding the vineyards (especially in autumn) is enough to astound anyone. Get active in your wine tours and bike through wine country. The opportunities are endless.

Castello_Banfi_il_Borgo Wine Travel

Winery Tours are only in Napa Valley, or France.

Wine lovers will know that great wines can come from anywhere in the world, and every wine lover has his or her favorite region. Chances are those regions offer more than wine tours. Many of us are aware of winery tours in the Napa Valley regions and in the wine regions of France. And while those regions offer some exquisite options, consider traveling to the following areas to discover more than the wine they offer.

  • Spain – Seek out the Catalonia region near Barcelona for Cava wine, a quality sparkling wine with distinct Spanish character. A number of area vineyards offer guided tours, tastings and other activities including gourmet Mediterranean dining.
  • Australia and New Zealand are continually noted for fine wines. Enjoy dinner in a private home in Southern Australia’s Adelaide area, providing a unique opportunity to learn more about the South Australian lifestyle complemented by the area’s best food and wine.
  • Danube River – Step aboard a Wine themed Cruise on AmaWaterways taking in the Danube while enjoying lush vineyards amidst medieval castles. AmaWaterways offers several themed wine cruises each year featuring special wine hosts available to discuss and decant local wants.


Winery Tours are full of people being shuffled from glass to glass

While that may be true in the more populous regions or even at the popular wineries, not all tours have to be experienced with a bunch of strangers. Private tours and tastings are available and include exquisite personal encounters. Our favorite takes place in the Chianti region of Italy, with a family that has been making wine in 1000-year-old vineyards. Explore the ancient cellars and enjoy an exclusive olive oil tasting in addition the family’s favorite wines. See the family’s art collection in their complex, which lies underground hidden by the grape vines.


There’s nothing to do but drink wine

Horseback riding, hot air balloon tours and luxury spa services aside, there’s often plenty to do on a wine themed vacation. One of the most distinctive experiences we’ve found is Painting in the Vineyards. Whether you are new to painting or an experienced painter, Napa Valley Vineyards are an enchanting place to paint.  We will provide paint, brushes, easels, canvases and everything else you will need for your vineyard painting experience. You will learn the skills needed to compose and paint your own Napa Valley Vineyard landscape. Learn how to begin, how to create a composition that works, how to use colors in ways that work harmoniously, how to tame your inner critic and more! Wine tasting and lunch at the winery follows.

There’s nothing to do but drink wine (Part II)

What if you had a hand in making your own wine? Those of you who are do-it-yourselfers would enjoy the opportunity to “Make Your own Blend” and experiment with wine making in the Barossa Valley, Australia. Choose from Genache, Shiraz and Mourvedre and see what you can concoct.


You don’t have to love wine to love wine travel. The ancient vineyards spread across rolling hills, entire areas dedicated the enjoyment, and diversity of the round fruit full of flavor is enough to inspire endless photographs. Add in the fact that vineyards are often surrounded by fertile lands, offering up delectable harvests to accompany many a wine tasting or tour, and you have a vacation that wine enthusiasts, gourmands and anyone else will enjoy.


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