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Why We Travel


We’re pleased to share this beautiful video with you. It’s all the reasons why we travel: to see places for the first time, to start a life together or celebrate many years as a family. Why we travel is emotional, educational, spiritual and so much more.

Our Luxe Team shares why they travel,

Jacque Salentine Busby states:

I travel to experience the world and view life in a different way. I travel to see the world as a local, a traveler not a tourist. I travel to expand my network and engage in meaningful exchanges. Travel reminds me to live in the moment. Really authentic and remote travel has made me incredibly grateful to be a woman raised in the United States with all the rights and privileges we have that most of us take for granted. I travel to take off my tunnel vision-:)

Peggy Purtell reveals, “I travel not only to get away, relax and recharge but to discover new places, cultures, and people, whether they are fellow travelers you meet along the way or are from the country you are visiting. The experiences create memories for a lifetime. I always return home with a new perspective, energy and vigor.”

Jamie Lemke says, ” I travel to spend time with my family or one on one time with my husband. – I love seeing and touring different parts of the world and letting my clients know how the destinations were that I went too.”

Tonya Denmark travels to see new experiences through her children’s eyes. “Whether it’s climbing a mountain to see a waterfall or simply spending a day at the abeach, it’s a wonderful way to connect and share in their experiences.”

What are your reasons to travel? Comment and share with us what inspires you.

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