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20 Questions with Tonya Denmark of Luxe Travel


Luxe Travel’s content writer loves travel and sunshine so much, she moved from the cold Midwest to settle in the Sunshine State of Florida. Tonya settled with her husband and two kids just outside of Walt Disney World and takes advantage of the proximity every chance she gets.

My Travel Motto is – Life’s a journey, not a destination. Half the fun is getting there.

My Travel Style is – Pack up the car and go

Necessary travel extravagance – A balcony to enjoy my morning coffee

Where to next – Cocoa Beach, then Costa Rica

I never leave home without – My kindle loaded with books

Favorite Travel companions – My husband is great for road trip conversation, and my kids to discover something through their eyes. watch full Lights Out film

The best thing about traveling with family – Their sense of adventure and willing to drive for hours on end

Minibar weakness – We usually stay somewhere with a kitchen, so no minibars. M&M’s are a must for the road however.

Number of countries I’ve visited – 5

I want to go back to – California, this time to do the Northern Pacific Coast Highway

My idea of a grand adventure is – A road, plenty of snacks, good company with a beach at the end.


Shopping tips – Buy local. And while it may be cheesy, we have an ornament from every place we’ve been. It’s fun to reminisce while trimming the tree each year. Buy something unique as a souvenier.

Favorite accessory – Is an iPhone an accessory? Or my camera? It seems I’m always behind the lens.

Place(s) that most surprised me New Orleans. Get out of the Bourbon St area and into the Garden District for good old fashioned history.

My go-to getaway – Believe it or not, Walt Disney World. When you’re a local you can really appreciate the magic in the details.

The hallmark of a great trip is – Did I learn or do something new.

How many pieces of luggage I check is – None if I can help it. There’s four of us, we should be able to carry-on all we need. Get in and get out!

If I could go somewhere by myself I would go – NYC. No one loves theater as much as I do in my family. I would stay and see as many shows on Broadway as I could.

In my suitcase you’d be surprised to find – I can’t think of anything that’s too out of the ordinary. I guess coming home would be a different story.

My favorite thing to do on a cruise – Eat breakfast on my balcony watching the waves roll by

Why I love what I do – Creating content for Luxe Travel has added so many destinations to my bucket list. I’m eager to get out and explore and I want to see and do it all!

The most unique thing I did on a trip was – Once, on a road trip to the Florida Keys, we discovered this out of the way bird sanctuary. I swear if you didn’t see the small sign on the side of the road, no one would know it was there. We stopped and explored the beautiful rehabilitated native Florida birds, along boardwalks that led through mangroves out to the ocean. Once we came to the end of the boardwalk, we were invited to feed the pelicans. They were so big! It was fun to see my children get such pleasure out of throwing fish into their large beaks.



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