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Why go on a Lindblad Expeditions Cruise



Kim Heacox, National Geographic Photographer & Author said it best when he said, “an expedition can be life changing, a cruise cannot.” When you travel on a Lindblad expeditions cruise, you’ll get as close as possible to nature without disrupting the ecosystem. In addition to the authentic travel destinations, no comfort is spared aboard the spacious ships with immense observation decks. Plus, National Geographic photographers are on board to take your travel photography beyond your wildest dreams.

Lindblad Expeditions have over 50 years experience traveling to places the average traveler never gets to see. From kayaking in the polar regions to water level encounters with humpback whales, Lindblad Expeditions takes you there. Following find a small sampling of what you can achieve on a Lindblad Expedition Cruise


Galapagos Islands

Explore the Galapagos Islands in a variety of ways once your ship arrives. Kayak along the coastline, view sea life up close by snorkeling, or in a glass bottom boat, hike with a naturalist to discover Darwin’s finches or the ever popular Galapagos Tortoises, get eye level views of whale sharks on board the ships Zodiac.



Travel to the end of the world via the National Geographic Explorer. Discover the many mountains and caverns of sparkling blue polar ice caps, watch the many different species of penguins waddle and dive. Witness humpback, killer and sperm whales to name a few. Travel to the Falkland Islands in search of the albatross. Nothing will prepare you for the astonishing beauty in this unparalleled expedition.




At the other end of the world, the Northwest Passage beckons you with polar bears, intricate fjords, glacial waterfalls, Viking history and friendly Inuit communities. Travel from Norway, Iceland or Canada coming in close contact with polar bear habitats. As with all Lindblad Expeditions, you opportunities to explore include kayaking, eye-level views from the ships Zodiac and expert advise from National Geographic photographers.


Baja California

In Baja California, discover golden sand deserts, brilliant crystal waters, playful dolphins and iconic blue whales and dozens of birds such as pelicans, herons, sandpipers and egrets. Never worry about packing snorkel equipment or wet suits, as everything is provided on your expedition. Baja California is considered one of the best places to see the sea life. Here you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel several times and even swim with the sea lions.


Costa Rica & Panama

Travel through the Panama Canal to one of the most lush, diverse, tropical jungles in the world. Lindblad Expeditions promises the greatest variety of natural wonders, from the coastal rainforests to pristine Pacific beaches. On naturalist guided walks you’ll discover brilliant butterflies and birds, capuchin monkeys and bright eyed tree frogs. Upon return to the ship, explore with the sea turtles under the sea.


West Africa

Imagine exploring the vibrant culture of over 16 diverse countries along with the most unforgettable wildlife from hippopotamus to gorillas as Lindblad takes you through West Africa coastline. Meet the diverse people inhabiting the local villages through their colorful wares and rhythmic music. Along the way traverse through desert landscapes, rainforest jungles and relaxing lagoons. And because you are on an expedition cruise, you’ll float from country to country without the hassle of packing each time.

These are just a few of the exotic, photogenic locales a Lindblad Expedition takes you to. Right now when you book a Lindblad Expedition with Luxe Travel, receive complimentary airfare, & $50 shipboard credit.

If you could get up close and personal with any destination, where would it be?

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